The Afterlife Aquatic |||  November 8th – December 6th

afterlifeaquatic_flyer_flatBeing a collection of works and from the adventures and explorations of the artist and naturalist S.D.K. Richards Esq., the famed painter and tattooed lady veterinarian Dr. Melissa M. Taylor, and the esteemed sculptural artist, educator, taxidermist, and biologist Prof. Alicia Goode.

Having spent the greater part of the latter century exploring the biosphere and diving around shipwrecks throughout the seven seas, Steve D.K. Richards had amassed a collection of knowledge and sketches (later to be refined as paintings forever trapped in glass) of various fabled attacks of the so-called “monsters” of the sea.

It was during an ill-fated attempt to collect a specimen of the giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne) off the southern coast of Bermuda that he happened upon disaster after his crew met their doom at the hands of a rogue wave whilst he was alone in the deep below.  It was at this time that he happened upon the wreckage of the Brig HMS Albatross, a famed warship of the royal navy under the command of Captain Gerald Bainbridge.

He claims that he was led to safety across the sea floor by a ghostly apparition of a skeletal deep sea diver who brought him ashore and directly to the dying body of the same giant, tentacled cephalopod that attacked the Albatross.

Once on shore in the small whaling village of Port Joan he sought out assistance in saving the dying creature from it’s ultimate fate, and happened upon the office of Dr. Taylor, who was at the time painting a portrait of the local Governor’s deceased daughter, Genevieve.  She jumped at the opportunity to save such a mythical specimen, but by the time they had arrived back at the beach the creature had perished under it’s own weight.  She agreed to help him transport the beast back to his home port of Fishguard, Wales.

Upon returning Dr. Taylor introduced Mr. Richards to the famous local practitioner of taxidermic arts, Prof. Goode, and they all set about preserving the corpse.  After failing to preserve the beast due to it’s size and advanced degradation the colleagues became fast friends and set sail aboard the SS Impossible to further explore the mysteries of the deep.

Steve DK Richards