Miles Tickler ||| July 12th – August 2th

Miles Tickler @ Naming GalleryMiles Tickler is an Emeryville based artist who received his BFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 2012.  During his formal education his focus was on painting and drawing.  Since graduating he has explored other media and three dimensional work.  Often pulling inspiration from art history and pop culture, his work employs the use of iconography, patterns and color as an important means of communicating ideas in his work.  Paintings are executed on paper, canvas, or birch panels. Work ranges from simple gestures and abstractions to layered pictures. There is a broad range of aesthetic which illustrates a constant exploration and interest in image making.

Witnessing the turn of the century -a point of consumer excess, digital/virtual saturation and a head dive into the Information Age- the work is an ongoing critique that embraces and pokes fun at this transformative period.  He has in the past been a member of the East Bay’s Firehouse Art Collective and shown work extensively in the bay area, including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Book and Job Gallery in San Francisco.

Opening show July 12th ||| 5pm