Walter Blair Tom ||| March 14th – April 4th

walter blair tom
Walter Blair Tom was born in 1983 in Michigan, meandered westward with his family as a child, landing in Sonoma County.  Much of his childhood was spent playing outside, studying, painting, wreaking havoc and riding unicorns.  His life has been full of travel, the ocean, sandcastles, mermaids and mermen, spray paint, house paint, recycling, reading, and generally trying to learn consistently and share experiences with like minded others.  Art has been a constant in his life.
The past 6 years of Walter’s life have been…interesting.  When he wasn’t hunting gophers he was teaching surfing, building furniture, painting, consulting, getting a Master’s in History and traveling looking for waves.  It’s been a journey, and he has been playing with a lot of broken items, like old fences, surfboards, skateboards, and any cool junk that he can get his hands on.  Old pianos, found wood and other objects get his attention, and are later altered, with paint, screws, resins, and nails.  His current work is influenced by totems, native cultures of Polynesia, Pacific Northwest tribes, Indigenous California cultures, math, idols, altars, myths, animals, and other fellow artists.
Walter Blair Tom currently lives in west Marin by the sea with his four dogs, three cats, 20 adopted children, and a small herd of grasshoppers.  This is where he paints and explores, when he is not out working, wave sliding, hiking, reading encyclopedias or playing the piano for folks doing their laundry across the street from his house.